NLP Interchange Format (NIF) 2.0 - Overview and Documentation

The NLP Interchange Format (NIF) is an RDF/OWL-based format that aims to achieve interoperability between Natural Language Processing (NLP) tools, language resources and annotations. NIF consists of specifications, ontologies and software (overview), which are combined under the version identifier "NIF 2.0", but are versioned individually.

This document contains pointers to all the important resources relevant for the NLP Interchange Format (NIF), Version 2.0. Although the road to complete interoperability is still long, NIF is already successful in providing best practices and a solid foundation for the most frequent use cases. This foundation is created by:



What is NIF 2.0?

NIF 2.0 is a set of resources which constitute a major, not backward-compatible improvement upon the previous version NIF 1.0. Since NIF 2.0 is very diverse and it consists of specifications, ontologies, implementations and corpora. NIF is maintained by the NLP2RDF community project If you are interested in NLP2RDF, you can write emails to the nlp2rdf discussion list or sign up directly below:

E-mail address:

How to attribute NIF?

We try to maintain an up-to-date page with acknowledgements to the large community of contributors. If you refer to NIF in an academic context, please cite the recent paper published at the ISWC in Use track 2013: There is also a list of further NIF-related scientific publications.

Resource List

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NIF 1.0 Specification

A document specifying the deprecated NIF 1.0 specification. During NIF 1.0, we did not track revisions or versions. The old specification can be found here: